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Taking philosophy back to the marketplace.

The Ugly Reality of Innovation in Consumer Goods

Marketplace discussions: bridging the gap between disciplines

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Marketplace discussion (Free registration): Residuality: Hardcore Software Engineering for Softies

The Ponzi Continues | 2023 Discussion Group (Under a Virtual Bridge on a Freezing Cold Winter Night)

Readphilosophy [dot] com: my new project

2023 | Expression of Interest | Decaphilo discussion group

Marketplace discussion (Free registration): Crypto: Is it really worse than a philosophy Ponzi?

Last online course for 2022

Lessons from Sports to Live a Better Life

Science, Politics, and the Ponzi Scheme

Language, Politics, Culture Wars, and Subtweets

Reflections of a bridge dweller on a hot summer day

Islamic Philosophy | September Course | Early bird registration open

What is Cosmology anyway? August new course announcement.

Introduction to Ethics | July Course | 50$ Only

Philosophical Issues in Quantum Mechanics: June Course Announcement

In Search of Meaning | New May 22 course | Early bird registration

Free registration | Marketplace lecture series | How to convince a physicist that philosophy is important and vice versa

What sort of thing is space?

Explore Uncertainty with us in March

February | Analytic Philosophy

2022 | Decaphilo discussions

2022 | Course packages & January Course: Money, Morality, and Debt

In preparation for 2022: Philosophy of Physics?

Asynchronous option for Language & Phil now available

Intro to philosophy | Plato, Aristotle, Stoics, Epicureans | December

Language and Philosophy | December Course

Asynchronous option for Phil of Science now available & 2 Scholarships

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