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Asynchronous option for Phil of Science now available & 2 Scholarships

Dear all,

You can now sign up for the asynchronous option ($65) of the Philosophy of Science course @philippecaponis and I will be teaching in November.

There are also two scholarships available to attend synchronously thanks to the generous contribution of Rudy, and another person who prefers to remain anonymous. If you're interested in joining send me an email ( or a Twitter DM explaining why. Thank you.

Course info:

This course will serve as an introduction to the main philosophical questions concerning scientific knowledge. It surveys a variety of positions on philosophy of science through selected writings of philosophers and scientists on the history of science, its nature and methodology. Discussions will revolve around the following questions: What makes science so special? What is the “scientific method” that allegedly makes science the most successful human enterprise? To what extent do experiments and observations determine the validity of scientific theories? Does science discover the objective truth about the world?

Week 1. Deriving laws from facts of experience: the problem with the commonsense view of science 

Week 2. Distinguishing science from pseudoscience: falsificationism 

Week 3. Making sense of the history of science: revolutions and anarchism 

Week 4. Describing the world: science, truth, and reality


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