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In preparation for 2022: Philosophy of Physics?

Dear all,

In preparation for 2022, we're trying to gauge interest in potential new courses we will be offering. In light of that, please find below a rough outline of the Philosophy of Physics Series @philippecaponis will be giving.

Philippe holds an MS in Physics and an MA in Philosophy from the University of Paris. He is interested in better understanding how scientific theories illuminate (and often reshape) philosophical debates about the nature of space and time.

  • 3 diff courses

  • 4 sessions/course (12 sessions in total; 2hrs/session = 24 hrs in total)

  • one session/week

    Pricing will be as follows:

  • $200/course

  • $320/2 courses

  • $450/3 courses

If interested, please drop your email below!…

If you feel like filling another survey, you can do so here. Thank you!


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