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Islamic Philosophy | September Course | Early bird registration open

Hello everyone,

The registration is now open for our September course. The topic will be Islamic philosophy. It will be taught by Hani Hassan, who specializes in the subject matter, and Philippe Caponis.

Hani will be giving the first three lectures, and Philippe will be giving the fourth one to discuss the influence of Islamic philosophy on Western tradition.

My presence will only be limited to asking questions, and making sure no one is sleeping during the session!

All the lectures will be recorded and shared with the registrants.

Course information:

This course will offer an introduction to that species of philosophy generally referred to as “Islamic Philosophy”, though that label itself (as will be discussed at the outset of the course) has been debated by some as a misleading misnomer. Another general reference used by numerous scholars to refer to this branch of philosophy is “Arabic Philosophy”… though that label itself has equally been debated as a misleading misnomer.

Through a series of encounters with a number of its key figures, this course aims to provide an entry point into the rise and development of this particular species of the genus “Philosophy”, through focus on some key theoretical and practical questions tackled in its various stages of growth and spread, from the gardens of Baghdad to the fountains of Andalusia.

  1. First Session: “What’s in a name?”Philosophy received and defined in the classical Islamic world – The place and role of philosophy (falsafa) according to al-Kindī and al-Fārābī
  2. Second Session: Speaking of things-in-themselves… in ArabicThe conscious development of an explicit philosophical Arabic language – Al Kindi’s, Farabi’s, and Ibn Sīnā’s books of definition – “Being” found in al-Kindī’s words and al-Fārābī’s letters
  3. Third Session: The philosophic life of the soulThe human rational soul and its stages of ‘development’ towards its excellence – Translating theoretical (philosophical) knowledge into the practical (philosophical) life: a question of ethics, illustrated by al-Kindī, al-Rāzi, and Ibn Sīnā
  4. Fourth Session: The impact on Western tradition

The course will start on September 6. We will meet once a week, on Tuesdays @ 7 PM CET. The sessions are usually 1 hr 30 minutes - 2 hrs long.

The price is $150, but early bird registration is $120.

More information is available at the below link. Hope to see you all there! If you have any questions, please let me know!

Sign me up now!

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