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Science, Politics, and the Ponzi Scheme

Dear All,

Thank you very much for your continuous support. Without you, it wouldn't have been possible to keep the Ponzi running for over two years now.

I never imagined I would still be teaching philosophy online after two years and almost 4 months now.

The beautiful thing about the courses is that new ideas arise from the discussions that we have during classes. The November course idea was the fruit of that too.

The gist of the conversation was about survivorship bias regarding scientific revolutions.

We only hear about the discoveries that were successful. There are many other scientific theories that did not make the cut. They were failed revolutions.

But that is part and parcel of scientific research.

So Philippe, the class, and I thought of a possible course the topic of which would be something related to 'Failed Scientific Revolutions & Politics'.

After giving it some thought, Philippe refined the idea and created a November (rain) course that he titled:

Controversies & Revolutions: the Social Dimension of Science

It's going to be a lit course.

Join us in November for a $50, 3-week course where Philippe will be discussing the cultural and social circumstances affecting the production and evaluation of scientific theories.

Here's what the program looks like:

Week 1: Community factors in scientific research

Kuhn, Objectivity, Value Judgment and Theory Choice (1977)

Week 2: Professional interests, political ideologies, and scientific judgments

Shapin, The History of Science and Its Sociological Reconstructions (1982)

Week 3: The value of science: between scientism and cynicism

Haack, Science as Social? - Yes and No (1996), Six Signs of Scientism (2012)

Hope to see you all there!

Greetings from under the bridge.

Hope to see you all in November!


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